Imperial Jewelers of America is a family owned and operated business founded in 1984 by Eleanor Tabak. What started as a long love for jewelry became a small artisan store operated out of Eleanor's kitchen between raising four kids and working a nine to five job at the local bank. But Eleanor never gave up her dream or desire to spread the love of accessorizing. 

By 2001, the side business out of Grandma Eleanor's kitchen expanded to a boutique store with the help of her granddaughter, Alexis. Alexis Tabak learned her love of jewelry from her grandmother and carries on Eleanor's legacy to this day. In 2007 Imperial Jewelry expanded to include both a workshop and show room, both in Eleanor's favorite city: San Francisco. 

Eleanor Tabak made the American Dream a reality and today Alexis Tabak runs the boutique with the same hope, dreams and love for jewelry that her grandmother taught her over the kitchen table. Eleanor Tabak loved the simple elegance of jewelry the most. She always said "if you can say more with less, why do more?" 


Today Alexis upholds this mentality with her elegant, minimalist style for Imperial Jewelers. Simple beauty is great beauty. Our collections focus on keeping it simple. We aim to accentuate the inner beauty of the women who wear our pieces, not overpower it. Let Imperial Jewelers complete your outfit in the way that best screams YOU!

Thanks for the never ending support of our customers and please tell us what you like, LOVE, or want to change. We love to hear from you!